We have absolutely LOVED having the opportunity to work with Ashton Brown on The Snot-Gobbler! Not only is Ashton hilarious (you can catch his awesome comedy at The Auckland Comedy Fest in April), but he is also a talented performer with a passion for our industry and the desire to see positive change within it. 

One of the reasons that Navi has begun doing an annual fundraiser is because we want to pay our actors some kind of wage for the time and talent that they give to us. There just aren't enough grants to go around in the arts for us to count on that kind of funding and in all honesty Navi hasn't reached the point of recognition (yet) that sees consistently sold out ticket sales. Those who donated to our 2016 Boosted allowed us to pay a  stipend to at least 15 different artists that worked with us last year and the in the beginning of 2017.  We hope to someday (sooner rather then later) say that Navi is a company that pays artists decent living wages; that dream starts becoming a reality with every successful Boosted Campaign.